Volunteer for a cause

Volunteer for a cause
Teaching Street children

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Volunteer for a cause

SERVANTS OF THE KING DEVELOPMENT AID AND WELFARE SOCIETY is a registered charity based in the city of Kolkata in Eastern India. It is founded to help advance peace, racial reconciliation, and mutual international understanding between peoples of diverse cultures through volunteer service on long-term community development programs. We are also involved in charitable works which caters the need of the needy in the society. We are planning to maintain partnerships with local organization and host organizations worldwide, and mobilize teams of volunteers to live with and work alongside local people on volunteer and humanitarian projects. We are also trying to raise funds to support our project materials, and for on-going educational, medical, social and humanitarian programs. We look forward to forging partnerships and sponsors to work with us.

Description: The volunteers cooperate with the program manager to plan each day's work. Volunteers will teach/ train small groups of children or adults for 4 hours per day. Will also help as needed with Administrative and Marketing work. Training and teaching materials will be provided, as will a direct report Supervisor for any questions. Volunteers also serve as resources on topics of their country culture, including discussions on their country history, lifestyles, sports and school systems. Some volunteers teach songs and learn Indian classical music as well.

This is a rare and wonderful opportunity. We are expecting more volunteer individuals to come and join our teams The volunteering experience will provides a volunteer a good opportunity to make an important contribution to the people of developing countries and in return you will be taking back with you the experience of the country and its rich culture. It promises an experience worth your consideration which will be a remembrance for you for the rest of your life.

A volunteer experience is a unique way to observe experts in your field and learn how they work in different countries. The experience you gain will be invaluable to you in the future and very different to what you're used to.
You'll gain valuable skills and experience in how to interact with children and yet retain authority, a boost to your confidence, and the satisfaction of knowing that you're making a huge difference to the children
Volunteers are desperately needed on many of our projects because of high illiteracy rates and poor funding.  We work with the objective of helping the local community. The children benefit enormously from your efforts, both academically and they become more confident. Teaching the children is hugely satisfying, a high feel-good factor! 

Qualifications / skills needed: If you have basic knowledge of English, have energy to work with kids and grown ups, an open mind and are willing to serve as part of a team and take direction from local leaders, you will make a positive contribution to this exciting volunteer program. You need not have previous experience.

Make a difference ... get involved!
You don't need any qualifications to teach.

Are you having trouble getting the experience that you need? Do you need to kick start your career? How about doing it somewhere inspiring and discovering a new culture at the same time!

We have volunteer programs where you can help those who can't help themselves - it's immensely satisfying and expands your understanding of a different culture and some of the hardships in life.

If you are short for time this is an ideal programme as it gives you a taste of volunteering but you also don’t miss out on getting to see the major sights. The programme aspires to bring together volunteers through common undertakings of social awareness campaigns and community development work.
Age range: 16 years to adults of all ages
Program duration: The project duration is from 2 weeks to a year.
Our programs are open to American, Australian, Canadian, European, Kiwi, South African and World Wide participants. This program is also open to families and couples.
Typical living arrangement: Apartment/Flat or Homestay.Most volunteers whom we have had recently preferred for homestay.A standard Indian meal is provided to volunteers. Meals consist mainly of vegetable and sometimes fish curries, Indian breads, rice and fruit.
A minimum of two weeks volunteer service programme  of $ 25 and then $ 15 for each week there after.